Icons of Sound

Currently recreating the Hagia Sophia in UDK for artistic and research purposes. The core structure is currently being modeled by Academy of Art Student Ben Nadler, and is moving into the texture & materials phase. We hope to use some variant of UDKOSC to recreate the acoustic properties of this amazing building.




Multi-modal musical environments for mixed-reality performance

This article describes a culmination of several years exploring shared virtual 3D spaces as musical instruments, and how their design can accentuate the "playing" of these spaces.

Authors: Robert Hamilton · Juan-Pablo Caceres ·Chryssie Nanou · Chris Platz



MiTo Festival 2010 - Play Your Phone - An Interactive Concert Experience

CCRMA's Music in Virtual Worlds group presented a two-day concert event as part of the 2010 MiTo Festival of Music (Milano/Torino, IT) entitled "Play Your Phone", September 7 and 8 at the Polytechical University at Bovisa, Milano.

The concert featured innovative new works utilizing air-quality sensor data, Twitter, Smule's Leaf Trombone, the Berdahl Resonance Guitar, and UT3OSC, as well as performances by pianist Chryssie Nanou and guitarist Robert Hamilton.

New works were premiered by Chris Chafe, Juan-Pablo Caceres, Luke Dahl, Robert Hamilton, Chris Platz, Carr Wilkerson, Spencer Salazar, and Jieun Oh.



MiTo Festival 2009 - Mixed Reality Performance: una serata in Sirikata

In collaboration with the Stanford Humanities Lab, the Sirikata project and the MiTo Festival of Music (Milano/Torino, IT) CCRMA's Music in Virtual Worlds group presented two concerts of networked musical works centered on and in the Sirikata Environment entitled Mixed Reality Performance: una serata in Sirikata, September 12 and 13.

Performers on both acoustic and electronic instruments located in Stanford, CA and Milano, Italy met online in a custom Sirikata environment before a live audience in Milan. New works were presented by Juan-Pablo Caceres and Robert Hamilton with performances by pianist Chryssie Nanou, as well as a new realization of Terry Riley's In C performed online by members of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra featuring Chris Chafe, Charles Nichols and Debra Fong.



Exploratory modeling with collaborative design spaces

December 2009.  SIGGRAPH Asia '09: SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 papers

Authors: Jerry O. Talton · Daniel Gibson · Lingfeng Yang · Pat Hanrahan · Vladlen Koltu