My name is Chris Platz, an artist, entrepreneur, and teacher working in games and technology for over 10 years.  Currently I teach at the Art Institute of California - San Francisco in Game Art and Design, Media Arts and Animation, and Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

Academically, I've been in research at Stanford University for over 5 years. The first 4 years as an Artist in Residence at Stanford's Computer Graphics and Virtual Worlds Group working with visionary Assistant Professor Vladlen Koltun and Academy Award winning Professor Pat Hanrahan. I participated in research for several SIGGRAPH technical papers on modeling, rendering, and animation. These works can be found on my Research page, or at the ACM Digital Library. Currently I am working in the Center for Computer Research for Music and Acoustics, and I'm a year from finishing my Master of Fine Arts in Computer Animation from the Art Institure of California San Francisco. Thesis work has evoloved jointly between Ai-CA San Francisco and Stanford Univeristy.

The thesis is a fully auralized music environment called "Terrasonata", in which the creatures, organic structures, and mechanized beings/buildings are "played" as musical instruments inside of a realtime networked 3D environment using various input controls. The goal is to create a visually stunning environment akin to Disney's Fantasia, with with all the movements and music happening dynamically during a live concert with "real world" performers joining us from various locations around the world. The theory behind the work Multi-Modal Musical Environments for Mixed-Reality Performance is now published in the latest Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces (Springer).

My primary work at Stanford is in collaboration with CCRMA's ccrma.stanford.edu Rob Hamilton, Ph. D. Candidate in Computer-based Music Theory and Acoustics and Consulting Professor Johnathan Abel. Rob built the framework for our latest performances in Epic's Unreal Engine called UDKOSC, Unreal Developer's Kit Open Sound Control. This has allowed me to leverage my knowlege of level design using the latest UDK builds to rapidly create new music environments and fantastical virtual worlds for our next concerts. Samples of previous concerts can be found on my Research page.

Aside from the the digital work, I'm an avid table top gamer and designer, and have been an Dungeon Master & Game Master for various groups and conventions for over 25 years. As often as possible I attend Origins, GenCon, and DunDraCon playing and running Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and my new home brew Equinox: Cyberpunk meets the Occult. I currently live in the Bay Area with my wife and two daughters.